Introducing to you FIT STREAM, a brand new on-demand platform with a growing library of over 170 classes available to you, delivered by some of the industry’s hottest talent.

The FIT STREAM platform contains a constantly growing roster that is delivered across 5 key categories Strength, Core, Yoga, Meditation and Barre.

Trending and specifically selected classes for  members

Be presented with trending videos  and  recommend work based on what you enjoy, ensuring you always have a great experience that’s specific to your goals.

Advanced Library and Class Filtering

Find your perfect workout. You will be able to search via  time, instructor, class type and equipment with the dynamic filtering presenting them with the workout that is the best fit for them.

Class Chat Feature

Our new chat feature allows you to see all others enjoying the class at the same time as you. Class buddies will be able meet, chat and share their experience no matter the time or location they are training.

Get rewarded for  your  efforts

As you complete more  classes, you will receive digital rewards and  your  profile  will upgrade  as they complete certain levels. How high can you climb up the ladder?